Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick and Simple

Have you ever needed a REALLY quick birthday present/idea for a birthday party for THAT day?  Or in our case in a few hours….Well my oldest fairy was invited to one of her friends’ brother’s birthday party.  And even though my fairy doesn’t hang out with the older brother and wasn’t expected to bring a gift I still felt like we needed to do something for the birthday boy.

So we went and got him 4 boxes of M&M’s and went from their.  Even though I don’t have any boys, I figure boys like food, and boys like chocolate, and M&M’s would be perfect.  I made a card and a topper for the M&M’s. 

Here is the card…I actually had cut out the oval to put on the back of the cork I used for the topper.  I figured it would make a great card too.  I punched out my stars and put the yellowish orange one up on dimensional.  I used stamps from Papertrey.

I’m loving the orange dots background….


Here is my topper for the M&M’s.  I used curling ribbon to give it that “happy birthday” feel to it…


Here are a few pictures of our outing earlier that day…we had just a little fun.

My oldest fairy sporting the blue and black boa…


The better to see you with my dear…


Here’s my littlest fairy again…she’s got style…


My middle fairy…loving the color combo…100_0946

Just a side note…all messes were cleaned up by an experience picker-upper…ME.

Happy Crafting!!!


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