Thursday, August 6, 2009

A is for Apple


It’s almost  time again to get ready for Back to School!!!  My kids are getting so excited!!!  They can’t wait to see who they get for their teachers.  I have mixed feelings, I’m ready for school to start yet… I’m not.  Either way it will be starting soon.  So I made this cute little set to get the year started off right!  I love this little apple basket!!  So you can understand the size better, it will hold one large apple.

I made the handle out of a 2 clothes hanger.   I took one metal one and used just the bottom straight part cutting it with wire cutters.  Then I took another hanger that has the cardboard tube and cut off a 3 inch piece with kitchen shears.  The shears seemed to do the best job.  Then it was all bending and maneuvering it in to some holes I punched on the side.  Make sure BEFORE you start bending, you put the cardboard tube on, or you will never get it on…don’t ask how I know…hee hee.


Here are the card I made to go along with my basket.  The apple is cut from my Cricut “Plantin Schoolbook” Cartridge.  I used CTMH’s Cranberry, Chocolate, Bamboo, Olive paper.  I also used the Silhouette paper pack.  I really am loving this apple!!!

DSC05234 DSC05236

 Here is the post it note and notepad holder I made.  I just got my notebook punch and I LOVE it!!!!  I used CTMH’s “Classmate Alphabet” set to make the writing tablet on the olive paper. 


Here is the inside…


Thanks for stopping by…have a wonderful day!!!