Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Husband ROCKS!!!

I've had this problem lately, well I didn't consider it a problem but I guess others did. I was unorganized!!! My crafts were everywhere, hidden away in drawers, packed tightly in boxes, all over my desk, under my desk, around my desk, across from my desk, it was just a mess!!! Plus I had that other problem....I would buy something I already had because, well I couldn't find it. (blushes) So a few long hours and some quizzical why are you keeping an old soup can? Is this trash? Why are you keeping this? My craft area in my bedroom was organized!! And yes my craft area is in my bedroom and I was known for putting things on the bed as I tried to organize things, which made it difficult for sleeping. But now it is perfect!!! I can find everything, see everything and NOW I can get to crafting!!! I am so excited!!! My hubby did such a wonderful job!!!