Monday, August 31, 2009

OUCH…I hurt myself…

Okay so here’s a little back story…I’m not allowed near sharp objects.  EVER!!!  This includes…knifes, plastic knifes, rulers, pencils, plastic spoons (they have a sharp edge), screw drivers, cardboard, oh the list goes on and on…

Well today while helping out at school decorating the first grades bulletin board I stapled my thumb.  It went straight through!  You could feel the tip on the other side of my thumb.  Luckily it wasn’t poking out.  At first I was good, I told my friend “um I’m going to go to the school nurse” her response was “oh God”.  So I headed on over…walk in and said I stapled my thumb.  She had a class of kindergartens getting weighed and measured who all wanted to see.  So being the kind compassionate always eager to please I showed them.  The boys loved it the most.  So the nurse pulls out her plier like scissors and gets ready to pull the staple out.  She asked me if I needed a chair but of course I said no, I’m good.  In reality I was praying I didn’t pass out.  Well she pulled it out, and it hurt so bad I held back the tears and said “oiy”. 

So now I have a puncture wound, as the nurse called it, and my thumb hurts!  It really hurts!  I am now not allowed near the stapler and it has been added to the list.  I am really hoping to live this down…news travels  so fast in public school.

Oh I refrained from the visuals I figured you would be okay with it. Oh and I have pictures of some cards I did over the weekend and will post them tomorrow, I’m supposed to have my thumb up so it doesn’t throb so bad.