Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just a Little Me update….

I haven’t posted anything lately because I haven’t been feeling to well.  Thursday I used some new sun block and broke out in a rash plus it caused me to blister on my shoulders and nose.  On Friday I noticed my lymph nodes on my right jaw line were swelling and starting to hurt.  Then shortly after that I could feel my left side starting to hurt as well.  I thought I was having an allergic reaction to the sun block  the day before and took a Benadryl.  Well, later on that night I noticed my nose hurt really bad.  I felt it and could feel blisters on the tip of my nose.  So I go into the bathroom and my nose is swollen and bright bright red!!!  I took another Benadryl hoping it would work and stop the swelling.  I didn't sleep at all that night and Saturday morning I woke up to excruciating pain.  So after cleaning the house, getting breakfast ready we headed to the walk in clinic.  And can I say thank goodness for these places, because my doctor does not work weekends!  Well after all was said and done, it looks as though I got Cellulitis on my nose.  It is basically an infection of the cells.  The doctor thinks that one of the little blisters on my nose got infected by the sun block and caused the infection.  So I’m on antibiotics and will be on for the next few days.  The medicine does make me feel light headed, so I haven’t been doing much of anything.  I promise in a few days I will be back up posting projects again real soon! 

Oh the swelling has finally gone down, and the redness is going away slowly.  But most importantly the pain is gone!!!

Thanks for be so understanding,