Thursday, June 19, 2008

Got Stamps?

I've been crafting a little bit here and there. This summer I have been so busy being Mom and throwing elaborate pool parties (aka blow up pool with juice boxes and homemade chocolate chip cookies made from scratch--we try not to do the ones you pull apart, there's no fun in sneaking chocolate chips that way). I thought the summer would mean relaxation, but I have found out it means, swim lessons, going to the zoo, endless errands, and school work. I know it doesn't sound like much but you know how life likes to throw in a birthday party here, musuem visit here, play date adds up. And YES I do have my kids do school work during the summer. Monday, Wednesday and Friday my girls gear up to be taught by there favorite teacher...Mom. We make it fun, bring out the microscope then go search the yard for things to look at. And Math is fun when you get to eat it your project after your done. Who knew learning could be so much fun! Anyways, here a few things I've managed to do while managing, mom duties, life, and my diva duties....

My Little Abi-Dab-A-Doo is an Artist!!

Yupe our little Abbers is an Artist. She drew some beautiful people on Tuesday. We even attend the exhibit. Unfortunately her artist skills will have to be motified. We are thinking of going with paper instead of the wall for the next exhibit.

At least she will enjoy helping mommy paint her wall. And a side note, we have hidden all the permant markers too!