Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who is that Masked Planter?

This was for the MFTIJ02 challenge. We were to use masking on our card or project. So first I drew it out and numbered what I needed to stamp first so I wouldn't get all confused and have to start I had done earlier and that's when I got the great idea to draw it out...LOL.

Then once I had it all masked I realized it was way too BIG for a that's when my inner Pooh Bear came out and I had to "think think think".

Here's a close up of my masked carrots...I was still thinking....
Then it hit me!! I would make a gardening kit. It IS that time of year to start planting flowers and veggies so this would be perfect. I cut my image in half, which really stressed me out. I mean what if it didn't look right how do I fix it if it's cut in half...what if I mess it up and how do I go back to recreate it...very stressful!!! But luckily none of those things happened...whew!
I made the little "seed book" with my bind-it-all. **I really need to use it more because it does make cute little things, and my hubby says I don't use all of my stuff that I this is me saying see I do USE my things! hee hee**
The inside...

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