Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here, in our family we have started doing something new. Well it's not really new, we've been doing it for a while, but now I've decided to take it a little further...into my crafting!

We are RECYCLING! We recycle cans, plastic, cardboard, all kinds of things. But now I'm recycling my old ribbon spools. I saved a few, because you never know when it just might come in handy, like today. I took and old cardboard ribbon spool and made something "new" out of it!

I made a pumpkin out of some felt, stitched it, stuffed it and then hot glued a wooden rob into the pumpkin and into the hole of the cardboard ribbon spool. Then I cut a circle piece of felt to hide the hole on bottom and to make it not slide around when displaying. I wrapped some of my crazy fibers that I got at the Dollar Tree around the spool and around the wooden rod. I finished stitching the pumpkin and added a little bit more of hot glue. Hot glue is amazing!!! Then I made a cute little tag and ta da...there you have it! I think it is cute! Soon it will be time to display him for Halloween!

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3 Brats said...

This is so cute...I may just have to make one. We too have started to recycle...I told my kids 'no more paper plates, we are saving the planet' and my oldest told me 'then, can we please get a dishwasher?'They love crushing cans and actually fight over it. So kudos to you and your family. What a great blog you have. Cute stuff!