Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is that Speed Racer....ummm close enough!

We took the girls out to ride bikes the other day. It was fun! We stopped off at Sonic so I could get my drink on....Route 44 Cherry Coke with extra cherry please! Then we drove all the way to the girls school, about a block from our house if that. The girls got out of the truck, we got the bikes out, they said "Whoo Hoo!", then they were off! They rode and rode and rode around the parking lot. We had to MAKE them stop to take a drink so they wouldn't get dehydrated. We were there for almost 2 hours letting the girls "drive" their "cars" around. They were such a riot. My little Abi-dab-a-doo was hilarious! She loved riding her bike and having daddy chase her. Of course she went a little off course too...

Mean ol' mommy made her get down. You can tell she thought about it and decided a trip to the ER wouldn't be as much fun as riding her bike around the parking lot, so she hopped off. Litterally hopped off. I almost had a heart attack, but it was all good, once I calmed down and had a moment.

Zoey was our little speed demon! That kid flies when she's on a bike. She's had her training wheels off since she was 3. She's an early learner, takes after her mom, hey don't laugh...I could be an early learner...okay so she takes after her dad. Are you happy now, ha ha ha ha!!!

Now Lachlan is a cruiser. She just takes her time and drives over here and drives over there wonders from place to place, never in a hurry, just cruis'in. It is almost time for her to get those training wheels off too. She only uses one when she rides. I'm always worried she's gonna tip, but she doesn't. I think I'm supposed to worry. If I recall it was somewhere in the fine print that moms were supposed to worry about their kids, forever! Yup, I just got out my handbook, oh you didn't get one...hmmm...well mine says we are supposed to worry. Hmmm..It also says that when riding bikes we are supposed to run behind them with pillows, foam or other soft surface. I'll have to remember that next time.

Here are just a few more of our bike riding experience. Even daddy got in on the action. I was afraid he was going to bust his bootie, and had my video camera ready but no such luck, I mean thankfully he didn't fall.

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Steph Bailiff said...

This looks like so much fun! I'm thinking ... just maybe ... the pink bike may be a little too small ... call me crazy! :) LOL.

Fabulous pics and what a great job on the blog!!