Thursday, June 24, 2010

It’s a Pretend Party!!!

In our house we like to do positive reinforcement for the fairies.  So we have a little ‘friendly challenge’ going on in our house.  A while back I had bought this coupon book “What a Great Kid” at Hallmark or you can get it at the link from Amazon.  It has some really neat coupons in it for when your little fairies are being, well Great! 

So anyways, back to our ‘friendly challenge’…We have a system for doing chores.  It’s basically a white board and when the kids complete a chore they can put their initial in that spot.  Well we were having a phase, as I like to call it, where no one wanted to do chores.  So the mister and I put our noggins together and came up with whoever does the most chores gets a coupon from the book.  It can be anything from, double your allowance, go to a movie of their choice, ect…  One of the coupons they were competing for was “It’s not your birthday…but redeem this coupon, and we’ll pretend it is!  There will be presents, cake and lots of fun. (at least 3 days notice, please)”  So my middle fairy won the coupon and got to pretend it was her birthday!  We were a little late in having the pretend party due to illness.  So yesterday her and the daddy went to a water park and when they got home we threw her a party and boy was she surprised!!!

We had games…

Bean bag toss…I bought some buckets at Wal-Mart for $1 each and made some bean bags with left over fabric.


Pin the cloud on the rainbow.  I cut the clouds out with my cricket and two of my fairies colored in the rainbow that I drew on poster board.


We made a banner with the fairy’s name on it…later we put it up in her room.




Bean bag toss…everyone got in on the action…

100_0597    100_0599

100_0607 100_0606

Pin the cloud on the rainbow…

Getting ready…  100_0610 

Spinning Daddy…     100_0614

The cupcake…it was yummy despite it was a little burnt on bottom!


Fun with balloons!  Lots of  Fun!            

100_0619          100_0630  100_0631

It was a fun “pretend” party if I do say so myself.  My fairies had a great time and we even decided to put this coupon back in the book so that someone else could win it.  These coupons have made getting chores done a lot easier and more rewarding for all their hard work!

Until next time…

Happy Crafting!



Katy said...

This is the NEATEST thing I've seen in a long time!!! Not to mention the scrapbooking potential. I might have to steal this idea!!! Q: What "gifts" did you give and was your other "fairy" jealous so you had to reward both of them?

Rebecca said...

Hi Katy,
We made goodie bags with some bracelets and earrings in them. Plus we gave them each a cup to fill with as much candy as they wanted. We only spent $5 dollars on the present, it was one of those Anne Frank stationary sets. The other fairies were so excited for her to open her gift. They weren't jealous at all...they get along pretty well...well when they want too...LOL.