Monday, May 4, 2009

Blog Candy!!!

Who wants some blog candy???

It is almost Mother's Day, and I know a lot of us are I thought what better way to show my appreciation to you by giving away some blog candy! I'm giving away...Martha Stewart glitter in yellow, golden and peridot; K&Company chipboard die cute shapes and Recycled 4x6 double sided mat pad; glass bead in green, and 3 rolls of brown and green ribbon!

Now all you have to do is become a follower, comment to this thread, leave an email where I can reach the winner for their addy and tell me one of your favorite memories of Mother's Day (can be yours or something you did for your mom). If you tell a friend and they comment that you sent them here...then you get your name thrown in the pot again...for 2 chances to win!

I will post the winner on Friday! I will write all the names on a piece of paper and my 3 year old will pick the winner. Good Luck!


Christina the Sassy Scrapper :) said...'re too sweet to offer up blog candy for Mom's Day! It's hard to choose a favorite Mother's Day because I'm not very close to my mom and my kiddos are still pretty young. I guess I'd have to go with last year because my son who was 5 then made me a card and he was so proud of it and he helped daddy put a picture of the two of us in a gorgeous picture frame. Just to see his excitement over doing something special for me makes my day! There's nothing better than being a mom!!!
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Kristina said...

Oooh...I love blog candy! I just became a follower. My best Mother's Day memory is when I was a kid and I went with my Mom to a Mother Daughter banquet and I wrote her a poem that they read outloud and we both cried. You can contact me at

Margo said...

Hi from Kansas! Can't believe what a pro you have become!! So excited about seeing all your new creations.
I have 2 Mother's Day faves - one is growing up and my Grandfather always making sure we had corsages to wear to church to honor our Mom - he got one for my Grandmother, Mom, sister and me. White for my Grandmother since her mom had passed and red for the rest of us. I was always so proud to tell everyone why I wore it.
And when Ben was born - day before Mom's Day, so it was spent in the hospital..but with a newborn and 2year old. My mom took Brason shopping and he picked out Bubble Bath and a Purple tote bag. He was so proud of getting to pick it out by himself.

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Hope you have lots of people respond to win!

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Well, my Mom passed away 8 years ago, so my memories of Mother's Day with her are all precious. It's funny that I think of Mother's Day I tend to think of only of my Mom and my MIL, who also passed 4 years ago, and completely forget the fact that I've been a Mom myself for almost 20 years now...
The one Mother's Day that comes to mind is one from many years ago when my twin daughters were around 4 years old and we went to a Garden Nursery and they picked out a little 4" cactus plant for me for Mother's Day. I'm not much of a green thumb, it's more the color of dead grass... lol, but I still have this cactus and over the years it has grown taller than me. It's rather cool that I still have that little (or not so little) rememberance from 16 years ago... that and the fact that it's still living, haha. :)
Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!
Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Vicki Wizniuk