Monday, June 16, 2008


You gotta love this Texas heat! Today the weather man says it is going to be a high of 100*!! I know what you are thinking what do you do when it is that hot? If it weren't for the kids I would be staying inside in the A/C, but if you know my kids they want to be outside, in the sun, playing. So this is how they spent there afternoon...Do you think they have enough floats? I was finally able to coax them inside to watch a few cartoons and to snack on some popsicles. But I'm sure they will be eager to get outside and play some more. Thank goodness I have such a handy husband, Bubba built the deck last year and it has been a God sent! It makes being outside bearable. He just recently put outdoor ceiling fans on the deck so now I won't be as crabby when the weather gets too hot. As if it isn't already too hot. At least now I can relax with some ice tea and get cooled off in the blow up pool with the girls.
Have a great day!

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Steph Bailiff said...

I think we're leading the same life!! Is the little tykes coup a requisite for toddler-hood? :) So fun!